A wonderful experience for our family


The cabin was a wonderful experience for our family. The cabin was in a convenient location (close enough to Leavenworth for our trips to town) and made a wonderful weekend escape from the hectic pace of day to day expectations. We were so pleased that the cabin had so many amenities, such as dishes, towels, bedding, etc....as we have stayed in many cabins that do not provide such things and this certainly saved us on our packing needs.

We have already told family and friends about the cabin and posted it on our facebook to share with friends. The kids are already planning for us to make summer trip to the Cabin, so I'm certain we will return as summer arrives.

Thank you for our wonderful trip and experience. And an extra thank you for giving us 10% off in celebration of my 33rd birthday (which is why we were camping for the weekend).

We appreciate you! ~y

P. S. We read the guest book in the cabin and would love to hear the story of the bobcat that is spoken about so many times in the journal. We looked all around, but didn't see the bobcat story anywhere (yet the bobcat is hanging on the wall). Maybe the story can be printed and framed next to the bobcat for future guests? – Kimberly, Kent, WA

Manager's Response

Thanks for the nice comments. Marie's has also been a favorite among guests. I don't know about the Bobcat but we'll keep our eyes peeled. - William